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FirstWatch in the Cloud - You ask for it, you got it!

Jigsaw Managed Security Services is readying a cloud enabled option for our FirstWatch sensor. The cloud offering will provide hosted DNS servers combined with our FirstWatch platform to allow our customers to utilize our DNS protection without having to physically deploy a sensor on their networks. This option allows you to protect your network without changing anything except your DNS settings on your workstations. The offering will provide a web based login so your security team can see what is happening on your network and what attacks are being stopped.

Better Pricing Option

This new cloud hosted option will be half the price of our physical deployments and will afford the same protection. Deployment takes only 15 minutes after you order the solution. Billing will be monthly with a 12 month commitment with the first month free.

Customers will be billed a base price plus any fees from Amazon, Azure or Vultr.

FREE FOR 30 DAYS! - CLICK HERE TO TEST DRIVE OUR SOLUTION (Requires valid credit card to verify identify and setup account)

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