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Signup for FirstWatch Cloud Offering Free for 30 Days!

Jigsaw Security is now available in a complete cloud option.

This new offering allows you to run Jigsaw Security's FirstWatch sensor in AWS, Azure or Vultr. We spin up the sensor and all you have to do to take advantage of our security is to change your DNS servers to point to your own dedicated instance of the Jigsaw FirstWatch cloud sensor.

Customers receive their own web portal to monitor when we have stopped or prevented attacks and can also see what is being targeted on your network. The service is $1995.95 per month (plus hosting fees on the platform of your choice).

We manage the threat intelligence so you can sleep better at night!

Signup Here for your 30 day no obligation trial of the service. You can see exactly what attacks we have prevented and show immediate value to the CISO. (Requires valid credit card and acceptance of monthly 12 month contract, cancel within 30 days and you pay nothing).

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