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Jigsaw Security adds thousands of new sources to our OSINT-X platform

Every single day, Jigsaw Security collaborates with over 480 sources of threat intelligence providers, researchers, Government and academic organizations interested in stopping malware, ransomware and other threats. Today, Jigsaw Security updated our companion application OSINT-X which allows Jigsaw Security to ingest thousands of new sources. Some of the sources are noted below:

  • Helios CERT Data

  • Pastebin

  • DarkWeb Forums and Similar Sites

  • Bad Packets


  • Malware Tracker

And over 1500 other sources. The total number of live sources is now 2500 and growing daily as analyst uncover new sources of information of relevance to our cyber and intelligence activities.

A screenshot of our ingest technology framework - Ingest framework monitors 2500+ sources of data for new information to include news, current events, malware, infections, virus reports and much more.... This is an exclusive feature of the Jigsaw Security Enterprise Platform solution which is not available in any other platforms. Our solution works with Splunk, Elasticsearch and many other products that can support common ingest formats.

This significant update has been a work in progress over the last several months. These new data sources will allow our cyber security analyst to track activity very efficiently. This capability rivals the platforms available to intelligence agencies the world over and is only available to law enforcement and Government clients.

This platform also can track Facebook, Twitter and common social media applications, is expandable and will archive data indefinitely even if deleted from the source!

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