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Cobalt Strike Activity Update

What is Cobalt Strike?

Cobalt Strike is a platform for conducting offensive cyber operations. Many of the components of this toolset are being used every day by researchers as well as threat actors and hackers. Over the next few days we will be posting some new reports in the home that it helps companies protect their networks from this type of activity.

Cobalt Strike is a powerful platform for conducting offensive cyber operations. It contains a wide variety of tools for conducting spear phishing and web drive-by attacks to gain initial access. Through the artefact kit, Cobalt Strike also has a flexible obfuscation framework. However, it is in the arena of post-exploitation that Cobalt Strike really shines. It has a custom implant, called Beacon, which can handle command and control (C2) communications via HTTP(S), DNS and even SMB named pipes. Beacon has numerous options for lateral movement, e.g., WMI and psexec as well as the ability to load PowerShell and .Net assemblies for additional modules such as mimikatz.

Here is what we are observing today.

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