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China Leveraging Vultr heavily to launch new attacks!

Normally China host many IP addresses and computing infrastructure and utilizes these systems to carry out attack quick frequently. Today when looking through some recent targeting information we observed China utilizing servers on the Vultr hosting platform.

You would think that China would have enough hardware to carry out attacks on their own systems but we have seen many attacks over the years coming from AWS, Azure and other hosting providers. Why this particular campaign is utilizing Vultr systems to carry out the attacks is not known but believed to be vulnerable systems that have been hijacked by Chinese bots (responsible for scanning for vulnerabilities nearly continually).

China is known to scan systems frequently and usually identifies vulnerabilities quite quickly so it's not known of they have just hijacked systems at Vultr or actually purchased the servers to use in their campaign.

Look at the raw data

Customer wishing to look at the raw data can go to event 22322 to read more about this observation and what credentials are being stolen by the threat actor(s).

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