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Jigsaw Security Small to Medium Business Router Solution

Jigsaw in time for the new year, Jigsaw Security has created our own custom firmware for our network security products that will run on the Asus Router platform. This custom image utilizes the data from Jigsaw Security threat intelligence as well as the TrendMicro malware dataset to completely secure networks against ransomware, malware and phishing attacks.

Customers have been asking us for a self contained system in which we could deploy our protection for small to medium sized businesses. This solution also supports VPN and site to site VPN to expand your branch offices and to allow remote, secure access when out of the office.

The router will be available January 1st and will retail for $495.00 and will cost $99.95 per month for updates.

We will be adding an ordering page and will soon be releasing the same protection in Office365™ for Microsoft users.

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