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New Business Intelligence push puts Jigsaw Security on the tip of the spear

Jigsaw Security has created a new data utility to allow tracking of intelligence items, cyber security information and virtually any type of data. This new system allows us to have insight into documents and informational stores like never before. In the first day of operation we have ingested 2.5 petabytes of information from our legacy and cyber protection platforms into this new system.

One of the key methods of making intelligence information useful is the extraction of entity information. This new platform can not only extract all entity information, but also can show how certain pieces of information related even in different types of formats (PDF's, Word Documents, Internet Sites, RSS feeds and other formats such as spreadsheet and Git repositories).

If you have a need to do real world intelligence and want to be able to understand your data and answer questions, this is the system for you.

Email Jigsaw Security to request a demo of the intelligence platform and request access to any of the 190+ data repositories that we have ingested.

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