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New Intel platform going live in January

We just wanted to put out a quick update on our Intelligence system. A week or so we put out a message stating that we were developing and deploying an intelligence platform for our customers. We are happy to announce that the system is nearing completion and should be available in early January.

The new platform chosen will provide some really awesome features for our customers including the following:

  • Entity Extraction - People, places, things, objects, actions, etc. to include name, company name, date, location, summary details and more

  • Informational view - Includes objects and description of the source of data

  • Full Document view - Inline PDF, word and other document viewer (192 formats)

  • Location aware

  • Filter by country, types of documents, data source(s), languages (includes translations)

  • Extracts email and phone numbers from document as well as addresses (mapping)

  • Full featured email and platform alerting and keyword notification (when content matches watch list)

There will be more to come in the way of details but this is our current feature set.

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