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News training courses now available

First of all happy new year! We are kicking off the new year right with 4 new courses now being available for our private protection and security specialist clients. The new courses have all been submitted to the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board for approval but are now available for private, non credit classes at the current time. Two of the courses were adapted from DHS course material and the other two were developed in house by Jigsaw Security instructors.

New courses available:

  • Bomb Threat Handling

  • Motivation of Bomb Incidents

  • SDR Use in TSCM (This class is a renewal and was previously approved by PPSB)

  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness

These courses are in person training that range from 2 hours of instruction to full day classroom and field training with demonstrations.

All courses start at $129 or can be arranged as part of a larger training program.

We will update if the status of these courses change and are accepted by PPSB for CE credit.

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