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Doubling down on Pi-Hole - Integrating Jigsaw Security data for CMMC compliance

Obviously the CMMC compliance is on top of our to do list. We have been attending many of the talks and introductions of the goals of CMMC. During a review our our NIST 800-171, DFARS and Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model™ toolsets we have created a method of utilizing open source software (Pi-Hole) with the Jigsaw Security Threat Intel and the Jigsaw FirstWatch Sensor to maintain continual monitoring. In all reality we have implemented continual monitoring since 2015 through the use of the three products we provide below:

  • Jigsaw Big Data Analytic Platform - For long term log storage and analysis

  • Jigsaw Big Data Analytic Platform - For predictive analytics

  • MISP - managing threat intelligence

  • Jigsaw FirstWatch Sensor - Network continual monitoring

DNS continual monitoring and sinkhole - Denies access to threat actors and logs all DNS queries

Using the Jigsaw Big Data Platform for monitoring of threats continually

Bringing the Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model into the CMMC fold

With these products we are in great shape for whatever requirements may come out of the CMMC standards, but most small companies are not able to continually monitor without either hiring some other outside entity to do the continual monitoring for them. The beauty with our solution is that we bring unique software (both open source and proprietary) into our customer environments and we utilize these same models and software so we believe we are way ahead of the industry in terms of having this full circle solution.

Why Pi-Hole is critical for continual monitoring

Several people have asked our development team why we have integrated Pi-Hole into our monitoring solutions. The simple answer is that its simple enough for our customers to deploy in minutes and that we continually update the threat intelligence data into Pi-Hole so it's a no maintenance solution that provides best of breed protection and continual monitoring. The sinkhole solution drops malicious malware request, phishing links and many other threats at the DNS server. Instead of deploying endpoint solutions it is much easier and cost effective, simpler to maintain (we do this for you) and manage (customers can easily fix any issues noted.

More Information

To obtain more information or to partner with Jigsaw Security on the CMMC front please contact us at 1-800-447-2150 Ext. 6

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