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Announcing First Watch Sensor

First Watch Sensor Available

Jigsaw Security today announced ahead of the Blackhat convention a 1U appliance that is powered by Jigsaw Threat Intelligence. The 1U appliance provides DNS server resolution and includes the Jigsaw "First Watch" sensor that is powered by our threat intelligence library.

The 1U sensor is an affordable cyber security monitoring solution suitable for small to enterprise sized businesses, Government and small offices. Using the latest in Threat Intelligence integration to monitor network traffic, DNS and incoming email to give a complete and concise solution at a good price leveraging the best threat intelligence products available on the market.

Most people ask how it works. Read below. We don't just detect threats we stop them!

DNS Monitoring and Threat Disruption

Jigsaw First Watch DNS modules watches DNS for domains, IP's and C2 traffic. Not only can the sensor capture threat actor information but it can also stop malware from downloading payloads that protect your workstations by sending resets or directing bad request to safe locations alerting you to issues. Instead of getting infected end users see the following message letting them know that the site they were attempting to access was malicious in nature.

Network Monitoring

One of the biggest challenges in security is monitoring the network to determine who is targeting your network. First watch is your first line of defense against threat actors. When a workstation becomes infected we effectively cut off the threat actor by making the request to the C2 server fail. This ensures your data stays on your network and is not stolen by bad actors wishing to take your corporate secrets.

Integrated Dashboard

Security engineers need a single view ensuring they know what is occurring on networks. Our sensors report back to a single console showing you exactly what threats are occurring and what workstations are infected or what users need additional training.

Our sensors Find Threats - Jigsaw First Watch maintains history so you can look back on any given day

By monitoring the integrated dashboard we can protect all of our end users from threats that exist on the Internet such as malware, malicious email attachments and APT like threat campaigns.


One of the major challenges customers face is the cost of threat monitoring solutions. Our solution is cost effective at $6995 per sensor and offers you better protection than other solutions that we have seen on the market. Free up some resources by using a proven method that works instead of buying threat intelligence and then having to cobble together your own system to monitor your network. Our sensor are cost effective and because they automatically update daily the newest threats are covered within minutes of being reported to the Jigsaw Security Operations Center. You get the benefit of our security analyst actually stopping actors for less than the cost of a single engineers annual salary. Inexpensive does not mean ineffective. We guarantee to stop threats or you don't pay*.

One to Many Architecture - We all benefit!

Have more than one office? No problem. Our centralized server can provide signatures to all of your remote sensors and report all of the findings into the console complete with location information so you know where the threat lives on your network. Our sensors are powered by Jigsaw Security, DHS AIS data**, Open Source and subscriber provided intelligence from over 480 participants in the Jigsaw network, Alienvault OTX and many other feeds are available to include HITRUST, US-CERT, ICS-CERT and commercial vendors such as iDefense, Crowdstrike, Dell Secureworks and others. We can integrate your threat intelligence directly into our appliances and chances are it's as easy as activating your API key in our device.

Free Trial - In AWS or On Premise - Just Ask!

Don't believe us? Ask about getting a free AWS trial. We will deploy our solution in AWS and you can use our threat intelligence to monitor your network by pointing your workstations to our appliance hosted in AWS. If we don't find an infection in 30 days we will let you keep the configuration for free... We are so confident we will find an infection or prevent an infection that we put our money where our mouth is.

Additional Features

  • Automatic Hourly Updates

  • Flash Updates during Security Events and Malware Outbreaks

  • Direct DHS AIS and Jigsaw Commercial Platform Integration

  • Access to the Jigsaw Threat Intelligence to research Threats and CERT Information in our threat intelligence platform

  • Optional incident response to assist you through an incident

This screen shows what events are triggering on your network

Once you have identified an event then you can look in Jigsaw's Threat Intelligence Collection to research the data we have on that incident. In this example we look at event 87 above and we see this data on that event allowing you to research the threats and take action.

Here you can research related event information, who reported the event, information on the threat actor and perform whois, virustotal and other integrations to learn more about the threat that was just disrupted or detected.

Turn our intelligence into your defenses, quickly, easily and reliably.

Sensor Information:

1U Platform

Weight: 44lbs

Power Consumption: 1250W

Installation Time: 15-30 minutes

End Users Supported: 5,000 - 10,000 users per sensor (on average and depending on DNS load)

Customers with large bases of end users may require multiple systems. Volume discounts available for 3 or more sensors. Ask your sales representative for details.

Jigsaw authorized partners will be able to start selling this device after Blackhat and there will be a 10% discount on all services in the month of August & September to thank our customers and early adopters. In addition to our commercial sensor we will be open sourcing the sensor with delayed data (data that is at least 3 months old) so that customers can try it on their own, create their own solutions or improve our software and help the community.

* Our guarantee is that if we don't stop a threat in the first 30 days you can keep the sensor. Limited to one sensor per customer. Not valid where not authorized by law. Offer only valid for Jigsaw Threat Intelligence customers.

** Customers wishing to use the AIS feed or CISCP feed provided by DHS must adhere to all of the rules of those programs and must be authorized by DHS to receive data provided by those programs in accordance with your CRADA or End User Access Agreement.

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