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Flir Pincode Hacking

A recent post by a security researcher shared video on Facebook concerning PIN Code thefts using FLIR Iphone camera cases. In addition a Good Housekeeping article1 also covered the method. In short when you enter your pin code, researchers can take a photo or video of the keypad and see what the pincode was up to a full minute after the code was entered and figure out the sequence of numbers entered by heat signature.

Beating the PIN Code Thieves

A quick way to deter this type of pincode theft is to basically rest your fingers on other numbers while entering your actual number, this will then leave residual heat on the keypad making it nearly impossible to recover the series entered into the ATM device.

We thought this was a good article and worth sharing... Stay safe & wear a mask!

1Good Housekeeping – The New, Scary Threat to Your ATM Code -

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