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How to protect yourself with Jigsaw Security data...

We will first start off with a quick overview of how our threat intelligence works, how it can be used and then finally we will tell you how you can utilize Jigsaw Security Threat Intelligence to drop bad traffic, prevent phishing and stop malicious activity on your network. There are options available for home users (Peerblock or PiHole) and commercial users (PiHole, Bind or Hosted DNS). It doesn't matter so much how we block the traffic so much as that you have the data needed to prevent phishing, malware and ransomware.

Option 1 Peerblock (Home Users) - Protect a PC

Peerblock has been around for a number of years and is an open source (Free software) you can download and install. We only recommend one download source (below) because we have seen bad actors putting backdoors in this program on software download websites. Peerblock is installed and then once you subscribe to our service, we will provide you a URL, username and password to incorporate our data into your peerblock instance on up to 254 computers. Runs on Microsoft Windows and utilizes Jigsaw Security Threat data to protect your workstations. Requires a Jigsaw Security home subscription $9.95 per month.

Option 2 PiHole (Home Users) - Protect an entire home network or small corporate network

Using a Linux Server or a Raspberry Pi you can protect your entire network using DNS and Jigsaw Security data. The PiHole software just like PeerBlock is free and is used by thousands of home and corporate users worldwide. Put our data to use and stop malware, phishing and ransomware attacks before they start. Requires a Jigsaw Security home subscription $9.95 per month.

Option 3 Jigsaw Hosted MSP Offering

The Jigsaw Security MSSP option allows small and growing managed security providers to use our fully hosted MSP environment to protect their customers. The cost is $39995.95 annually and allows up to 100 customers, additional customers will incur additional charge but this is the perfect solution for many up and coming managed security providers. This option includes managed DNS servers (blocking DNS servers), Jigsaw Big Data Platform and subscription to the Jigsaw Threat Intelligence library.

Included in package:

All three protection methods listed on this page (Peerblock protection, PiHole/DNS Sinkhole hosted servers, Jigsaw Big Data platform for showing your customers what attacks are hitting their networks and hourly updates, customized Threat Intelligence Server (MISP) all hosted for you and your customers.

Talk with a sales rep today for more information or to see a demo.

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