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Jigsaw Security builds EOD library in Intelligence stack & tracking COVID-19

Over the past 6 months, Jigsaw Security has launched an intelligence platform that can be viewed as an all source intelligence system. The system is based on previous work in entity extraction with NLP and libraries of reference data. The system is designed to provide quick access to valuable resources of use to EOD technicians via cell phone, tablet or computer to aid in the decision making process.

Having instant access to technical manuals may be the difference between life and death. Access to the system is available by request and through partnerships in the law enforcement, Government or private security groups or by calling Jigsaw Security.

Tracking COVID-19

In the same intelligence system we have been tracking reporting and communications related to the COVID-19 pandemic and will maintain the as a historical resource in the future.

Data includes highly sensitive medical information and is useful in determining hospital traffic in emergency rooms, test results and for ensuring the security of sensitive patient information. Medical journals and reference documents are available for medical personnel in the system and all information is indexed with key medical terms extracted and available for analysis.

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