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Jigsaw Security crushes past performance review

One of the things we have been running up against with our Government contracting responses is that many are now requesting OpenRatings™ past performance reviews. Jigsaw Security has consistently scored 99% or higher in customer satisfaction of verified customers.

Jigsaw Security provides high quality consulting and cyber security protection to our customers through the Jigsaw Threat Mitigation Model™ which will allow us to attain CMMC certification very quickly since we already have solutions that fill all of the proposed requirements.

WiMAX Network Shutdown

Over the last week Jigsaw Security has been working to shut down our WiMAX networks on the east coast. Due to changes with the licensing we have decided to deploy other solutions that utilize mesh networking in favor of upgrading to CBRS. The WiMAX network was used as a backup and for disaster recover and with our new agreements with Verizon and T-Mobile having multiple networks is redundant and not necessary.

Upcoming Training Classes

We will have several classes coming up in October and November for law enforcement. Our security team does training on a variety of topics to include eavesdropping detection, software defined radio, energetic materials and more. Keep an eye on our training page for dates and additional information.

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