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New training courses accepted for CE credit - North Carolina

JIgsaw Security submitted four courses to the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board for CE credit. WE have received approval for CE credits and will be planning upcoming training. Some of the newest courses are dual use courses and will be provided to Federal, state and local Governments.

A picture of a Jigsaw Security SDR kit used in the SDR training

These courses are approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety

January 27th 2020 Approval

Understanding Bombing Motivations as approved for 7 CE credit hours and was assigned course number PPSB-19-045

  • The course covers the following topics

  • IED Overview and Motivations

  • Purpose, Components and Effects

  • Introduction and Review of Recent Bombing Incidents

  • Motivation of Bombers

  • Detection of Devices

  • Suspicious Packages and Unattended Packages

  • 1 Hour Practical Demonstrations and Hands On

March 6th 2020 Approval

Bomb Threat Preparedness and Response - PPSB-20-022 approved for 2 hours

Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness - PPSB-20-023 approved for 4 hours

SDR Software Defined Radio in TSCM - PPSB-14-956 approved for 8 hours

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