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What were seeing today 22 Feb 2021

Today activity has been moderate but lower than yesterday.

Activity Observations

  • Noted lots of phishing activity. Specifically COVID-19 vaccination themed phishing attempts

  • APT31 reports of activity although we haven't specifically seen the reported activity on any of our monitored or managed networks

  • Lucky Elephant a campaign targeting Pakistan

  • Uber Eats mobile application targeting via malicious APK

  • Observed a malicious threat actor selling an Android based banking trojan named Huracan

  • Noted phishing from olx-qa[.]me reported from multiple customers

  • Noted Twitter themed phishing using a previously identified domain for an APT threat actor as well as Instagram themed examples (believed to be connected)

  • UK based phishing targeted at UK tax filings

In addition we added the following documents for reference

No reference documents added today

Some of our ISAC partners have also provided additional context on some of the above listed events that has been included in our threat intelligence data.

Other Notes

Nothing additional today

Last Updated: 8:26 PM EST

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